Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Iron
Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Iron (1 gallon)

Eden Blue Gold Iron

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Iron (Fe) is an essential micronutrient for almost all living organisms because it plays a critical role in metabolic processes such as DNA synthesis, respiration, and photosynthesis.

Many metabolic pathways are activated by Iron, and many enzymes require proper levels of Iron. An imbalance of Iron in the soil is directly related to plants that underproduce Chlorophyll. Low oxygen and CO2 result in plants that are not green.

The function of Iron is just like in the human bloodstream, to help carry essential elements through the circulatory system.

Eden Blue Gold™ Iron undergoes a trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process maximizes immediate bio-availability and combines the Iron with the flagship Blue Gold™ technology. Blue Gold™ Iron should only be applied in accordance with a Plant Sap and Soil Analysis

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