Ferticell ProPhos 0-10-0

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Ferticell® Pro Phos 0-10-0 is an Organic certified, mineral sourced, liquid phosphorus fertilizer, designed to supply this key nutrient in an easily mineralizable form. Ferticell® uses micronization technology and algae extract components work together to supply this important nutrient to the plant.

Phosphorous is known to be immobile in the soil, as it rapidly joins with cations in the soil colloids to form insoluble compounds that resist leaching. This in turn requires the plant to constantly grow new roots to intercept new locations of phosphates.
Micronization allows ProPhos to travel through the soil pores and into the root zone itself. Once there its tremendous surface area will reduce the energy required to mineralize its phosphate component. Its liquid provides flexibility and ease of application.

Why use Pro Phos?
• Mineral sourced organic phosphorous
• Contain no risk salts or limiting nutrients
• High surface area for low energy mineralization
• Micronized liquid suspension for ease of use and translocation

Approved for use in: AZ; CA; CO; FL; GA; ID; MD; NC; NE; NJ; NM; TX; WA

Size: 3.5 gal