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Ampersand is a multi-functional adjuvant for foliar applications designed to maximize the efficacy of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and nutrients. OMRI listed and formulated with food-grade ingredients, Ampersand works differently than other adjuvants to deliver 3x more spray to the leaf, 2x the absorption potential, and 4x the wash off protection.

Four-pronged droplet control from the nozzle to the leaf

  • Reduce Drift - Ampersand’s patented technology starts droplet control at the nozzle. Humectant and hydrocolloid properties regulate droplet size, reducing both fines and large droplets, getting more of your tank mix onto the target.

  • Increase Deposition - Ingredients that provide adhesion prevent droplets from rolling off the leaf, or bouncing and shattering. Whether it’s horizontal or vertical, droplets adhere securely to the leaf’s surface.

  • Evaporation Protection - Droplets with high surface tension and a high contact angle keep your active on the target in a liquid state longer, giving systemic and translaminar actives time to perform their functions. Evaporation and drying are concerns of the past.

  • Wash Off Resistance - Ingredients that provide strength protect droplets from rainfall and overhead irrigation.

Suggested Use Rates:

  • Organic herbicides (Suppress, Home Plate, Weed Slayer): 0.25% - 0.5% v/v
  • Conventional herbicides (glyphosate, glufosinate, paraquat, etc.): 0.125% - 0.25% v/v
  • Organic/Conventional insecticides, fungicides, PGR’s, pheromones: 0.125% - 0.25% v/v
  • Foliar nutrition and micros: 0.125% - 0.25% v/v
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