About Us

Who is Apical?

Apical LLC is an agricultural technology company that combines modern analytical methods, eco-friendly growing products and smart data management techniques to provide growers with the tools they need to grow extremely healthy, optimal-yielding crops, organically and with minimal pest problems.

Consumers have been trending towards accountability in their food supply for a number of years, most notably with Organic food products. However, the accountability of the food supply still is lacking in terms of overall integrity and capability to meet consumer demand.

Apical takes a fundamentally natural approach to agriculture production systems and combines it with modern technology to achieve optimal plant health and productivity while minimizing environmental impact. We use natural raw ingredients and modern analysis procedures to ensure crop quality. This is intended to provide health benefits to the consumer and the environment and to provide a pathway to increased yields.

By utilizing modern monitoring tools to validate and achieve optimal results for growers in the face of environmental stress, the pathway toward a systematic application of the techniques is now available.

To this end, we have developed technically sophisticated analytical methods, work with manufacturing partners to design custom crop inputs and provide a data platform that unites them. Upon this foundation, we develop customizable solutions to meet the needs of growers.

Our approach rests upon proper soil & plant health and a methodical process for their restoration to maximum functional capacity. Subsequently, we employ a multi-tiered monitoring program based on crop need and grower preference. Based on the results of the monitoring programs, proactive or corrective actions are taken.

The Crop Nutrition product line consists of Soil Amendments, Biological Inoculants, Biostimulants, Organic Liquid Fertilizers, Organic Herbicides, and insect-deterring products that can be customized to an individual grower's needs. Our products are 100% organic, natural and non-toxic to humans.