Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Moly
Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Moly (1 gallon)

Eden Blue Gold Moly

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Molybdenum (Mo) is an essential micronutrient for plant life and is recommended in the production of most agricultural commodities. It is an important component of critical Enzymes that are responsible for controlling nitrogen metabolism and the synthesis of Phytohormones.

It is required for the growth of most biological organisms, including plants and animals. Eden Blue Gold's micronutrient Moly undergoes the Eden Synergy micronization process to maximize immediate bio-availability and is combined with their flagship Blue Gold™ technology.

Derived from Sodium Molybdate. Blue Gold™ Moly is for use with moly-deficient plants. Micronutrients should only be applied in accordance with a plant sap and soil analysis.

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