Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Cal-King
Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Cal-King

Eden Blue Gold Cal-King

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Calcium is the second most important nutrient in your entire Nutrient lineup. No nutrient processes without sufficient Phosphate – and sufficient Phosphate will not process unless there is sufficient Calcium.

Calcium that is applied only in the vegetative cycles sets the plant up for a huge flower cycle, as the season’s cycle is now balanced with Calcium. Calcium applied in flowering cycles will push out Potassium levels causing leaf knife tip yellowing.

Additionally, the industry typically has low Cal-Mag issues and generally, that starts with improper pH levels and carries into improper Calcium application ratios and times.

There are many different types of Calcium, and their structure dictates its behavior in Agriculture. For the Vegetative Cycles: Our Blue Gold™ Cal-King calcium source undergoes our trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process which maximizes immediate bio-availability and combines the micronized calcium source with our flagship Blue Gold™ technology.

Eden Blue Gold™ Cal-King is formulated from Calcium Carbonate deposits found deep in the ocean. The Blue Gold™ Cal-King ingredients are micronized via cold mechanical processes.

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