Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Copper
Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Copper (1 gallon)

Eden Blue Gold Copper

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Copper (Cu) is an essential micronutrient for plant life and is required for many Enzymatic activities in plants and Chlorophyll and seed production.

Deficiency of Copper can lead to increased susceptibility to diseases. Soil application of Copper before seeding is most common, and efficiency is improved the smaller the particle size.

There is a narrow range between copper deficiency and toxicity. Plant sap analysis must be used to monitor a critical and sensitive micronutrient like Copper.

Eden Blue Gold™ Copper undergoes our trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process maximizes immediate bio-availability and combines our Copper with our flagship Blue Gold™ technology. Blue Gold™ Copper should only be applied in accordance with a Plant Sap and Soil Analysis.

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