Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Silica
Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Silica

Eden Blue Gold Silica

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Silica (Si), or as it is referred to on some labels as Silicon or Silica Dioxide, is a soil element that is associated with plant cellular structure, electrical exchanges, and nutrient to nutrient ionic bonding. It has also been associated with correcting hollow stem syndrome, in addition to increasing nutrient uptake.

It is the most abundant element in soil, and yet it is referred to by plant biologists as a “non-essential beneficial plant nutrient.” This is equivalent to the mentality of recognizing there are over 90 periodic elements essential to “perfect” growth, and yet stating you can grow “perfectly” with just only three of them (NPK) until the end of time.

This incorrect mentality that has led to the lowest vitamin and mineral content in crops in the history of mankind is the same that led us to build the Blue Gold™ System of products to grow plants at maximum potential through the power of proper nutrition.

Eden Blue Gold™ Silica undergoes the trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process which maximizes immediate bio-availability and combines our Silica with their flagship Blue Gold™ technology.

Blue Gold™ Silica is formulated from an extremely Silica mine that is used in the computer industry to create microchips, which requires the purest forms of Silica. They process the raw Silica using only mechanic means, zero chemicals, acids, or solvents of any kind.

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