Pacific Gro Pacific Gro Oceanic (2.5 gallon)
Pacific Gro Pacific Gro Oceanic (2.5 gallon)
Pacific Gro Pacific Gro Oceanic (2.5 gallon)

Pacific Gro Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3 with Crab and Shrimp

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Seafood for the Soil ® made of salmon and micronized crab and shrimp shell

NOTEPlease call for bulk tanker pricing

Produced from processing residual from Ocean-caught seafood, stabilized with acid

Stimulates soil microbiology, especially beneficial fungi.

Increases plant Calcium levels, outperforming many conventional Calcium sources!

Supplies a broad range of nutrients.

Screened to 150 mesh for use in irrigation and sprayers.

Experience how this Seafood for the Soil™ can stimulate and re-generate healthy soil in farms and orchards. Unlike lower cost fish emulsion fertilizers, this product has not been exposed to heat at all. Others use heat to speed up the enzymatic digestion process and to evaporate the product to achieve higher N-P-K content. Heat improves the chemical analysis but degrades the biological activity. Because it’s cold-processed, Pacific Gro fertilizer has more diverse and plentiful microbial populations and greater biological activity. And because it’s a blend of marine fish, crab and shrimp, our Seafood for the Soil has a comprehensive range of nutrients and enzymes.

FEATURES: Cold processed liquid fish, crab & shrimp hydrolysate fertilizer
N P K : 2.0 – 1.0 – 0.30

Liquid product, screened at 150 mesh for use in drip irrigation and foliar sprayers.
High diversity of microbial species from the variety of fish, crab and shrimp that feed at various ocean levels
High in plant available Calcium and many micro-nutrients
No fish oil removed from the raw material
pH 3.5 for long-term storage stability. Convenient way to lower pH of fertigation water, while providing nutrients and minerals for plants and soil life.

OMRI Listed for Organic Food Production   (OMRI number pac-6469)

CDFA certified Organic Input Material

WSDA Organic Input Material


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