Perfect Blend Biostar Super 6 Liquid (Bulk Gallons)

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The first true 6% plant available N organic certified and OMRI-listed organic nitrogen fertilizer. SuperSix is a honey-colored, translucent, liquid-organic, ammoniacal, nitrogen-fertilizer that will flow freely through irrigation/fertigation delivery systems as well as drip-tape delivery fertigation systems. It will not clog, has a non-offensive odor, and is concentrated. SuperSix meets the NOP requirements for use in organic farming and is an OMRI listed product. By concentrating, we reduce water content in the liquid to decrease our shipping costs. SuperSix is the best in class-organic liquid-fertilizer for certified organic growers. SuperSix is easy to handle, will not settle, and has a very low freezing temperature. SuperSix is free of pathogens and harmful bacteria because our high-temperature anaerobic digestion process destroys pathogens in manure. It is a revolutionary fertilizer that delivers great results and higher crop yields.This product is listed here to show its availability for purchase.  Due to varying costs and shipping rates, it is not available on our online store.  


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Size: 265 Gallon Tote