Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Manganese
Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Manganese

Eden Blue Gold Manganese

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Manganese (Mn) is an essential plant mineral nutrient and plays a crucial role in several processes, mainly photosynthesis. Manganese deficiency is a widespread problem and occurs most often in sandy soils or organic soils with a pH above 6.4.

Deficient manganese crops exhibit symptoms like lower dry matter production and yields, weaker structural resistance against pathogens and reduced tolerance to drought and heat stress.

Eden Blue Gold's micronutrient Manganese undergoes the Eden Synergy micronization process to maximize immediate bio-availability and is combined with their flagship Blue Gold™ technology.

Derived from Manganese Sulfate. Blue Gold™ Manganese is for use with manganese-deficient plants. Micronutrients should only be applied in accordance with a plant sap and soil analysis.

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