Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Mega Cal-Sil
Eden Solutions, LLC Eden Blue Gold Mega Cal-Sil (1 gallon)

Eden Blue Gold Mega Cal-Sil

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Calcium is the queen of all nutrients, and unfortunately, one of the nutrients least attended or studied. While Phosphate is the king of minerals and no nutrient will process without a Phosphate form co-pilot, Calcium is directly responsible for the assimilation of Phosphate. Proper Phosphate uptake cannot occur without proper Calcium levels, and vice versa.

There are many different forms of Calcium. This is a Calcium Silicate, which is different than our Calcium Carbonate product, which is more directly responsible for immediate proper Phosphate to Calcium ratios. This is a Silicate form, and because it is naturally occurring the Silicates can be more properly utilized in soil and plant that is both deficient in Calcium and Silica.

Calcium Silicates help to build soil integrity for the long haul, where soil microbiology will have the time to process this original unmodified source into potent individual Calcium and Silica nutrients.

Eden Blue Gold™ Mega Cal-Sil undergoes the trade secret Eden Synergy micronization process which maximizes immediate bio-availability and combines the magnesium source with their flagship Blue Gold™ technology. Blue Gold™ Mega Cal-Sil is formulated from Wollastonite rock. The Blue Gold™ Mega Cal-Sil wollastonite is micronized via cold mechanical processes.

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