AgroPlasmaUSA Ferticell Explorer 16-0-0 (44 lbs)
AgroPlasmaUSA Ferticell Explorer 16-0-0 (44 lbs)
AgroPlasmaUSA Ferticell Explorer 16-0-0 (44 lbs)
AgroPlasmaUSA Ferticell Explorer 16-0-0 (44 lbs)
AgroPlasmaUSA Ferticell Explorer 16-0-0 (44 lbs)
AgroPlasmaUSA Ferticell Explorer 16-0-0 (44 lbs)

Ferticell Explorer 16-0-0 (44 lbs)

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Today, Ferticell® Explorer 16-0-0 is our flagship organic nitrogen and is the purest form of soy protein nitrogen on the market today.

Unlike other manufacturers, we have a very controlled, one source manufacturing process in Malaga, Spain to maintain quality control, and continually improve the manufacturing process to drive the purity.  Depending on the scientific method used for analysis, Ferticell® Explorer is a minimum of 98.6% pure with the remaining “impurities” being moisture content.

Ferticell® Explorer 16-0-0 has a much higher carbon content compared to competitors’ soy protein nitrogen products, giving Explorer a much richer, darker, color.  Carbon, a fundamental component to life, is essential to plants, soil and soil microorganisms. It has been said that “Healthy Microorganisms = Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Greater Yields”, and carbon is the chain that forms the bridge between each of those.

Our soy protein nitrogen, Explorer 16-0-0 carries an additional carbon component to bring nutrients to soil microbes and into the plants themselves. Because plants and microbes are, essentially, carbon processors, our carbon-complexed hydrolysate nutrients are taken in faster and more effectively than other protein fertilizers.  Explorer products with a unique and proprietary ratio of balanced cell extracts that are vital to life, delivering a positive plant response that is more efficient than the alternative products.


  • 16% Protein Nitrogen content
  • 100% Water soluble
  • Will not leach from most soils
  • Enzyme hydrolysis process produces a 100% water-soluble Nitrogen containing compounds of protein, peptides, and amino acids
  • Compatible with all conventional Nitrogen sources and most fertilizers
  • Stable in normal environmental temperatures and requires no special handling
  • Reliable release curve in all environmental conditions
  • Contains no fossil fuel based Nitrogen sources
  • Natural product with no negative environmental impact
  • User-friendly, safe for employees to handle
  • High carbon content makes excellent food source for soil biology
  • No risk for tip burn normally associated with nitrates or volatilization of ammonia

Suggested Use Considerations:

  • Blend with conventional nitrogen to lower total N requirements
  • Stand-alone product for use under high temperatures and environmental stress
  • Reduced requirements for additional plant stimulants or hormones
  • Explorer protein will reduce the demand for fossil fuel-produced fertilizers and support environmentally sound statements for consumer

Approved for use in: AZ; CA; CO; FL; GA; ID; MD; NE; NJ; NM; OR; SC; TX; WA

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