Ferticell Explorer Liquid 10-0-0

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Ferticell® Explorer 10-0-0 is Ferticell's flagship organic nitrogen and is the purest form of soy protein nitrogen on the market today.

Their soy protein nitrogen, Explorer 10-0-0, carries an additional carbon component to bring nutrients to soil microbes and into the plants themselves. Because plants and microbes are, essentially, carbon processors, our carbon-complexed hydrolysate nutrients are taken in faster and more effectively than other protein fertilizers.  Explorer products with a unique and proprietary ratio of balanced cell extracts that are vital to life, delivering a positive plant response that is more efficient than the alternative products.

With 7 (dry) lbs. per gallon of Explorer™ 16-0-0, Explorer™ Liquid will be a great variant to any Nitrogen program, conventional or organic.

Size: 3.5 gallon