Ferticell Universal 0-0-1

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Ferticell® Universal 0-0-1 is a highly-concentrated solution of freshwater algae extract. Fertilcell® uses only food grade unicellular algae and bacteria, and utilizes a proprietary extraction process from these non-living organisms to promote high activity in native micro-flora populations with food sources such as carbon, and other plant beneficial materials. The plant beneficial materials present in Ferticell® Universal 0-0-1 differ from synthetic products in that the ratios of nutrients and plant beneficial materials in a natural product are more balanced for consistent response.

Unlike kelp or seaweed products, Ferticell® Universal uses unicellular algae, which is cultured in fresh water from a consistent parent culture, to reduce both the salt content and the inconsistencies experienced in kelp and seaweed products. 

Available for use in: AZ; CA; CO; FL; GA; ID; MD; NE; NJ; NM; OR; SC; TX; WA

Size: 5 gallon