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Carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology®, OMRI-Listed and CDFA (California Organic) Registered Fertilgold® Cu is an organic copper nutrient derived from copper sulfate (Cu 5.0%, with 7.0% organic matter). Fertilgold® Cu ensures efficient and effective uptake of copper, which is a micronutrient involved in many plant metabolic processes including photosynthesis, enzyme activity, protein metabolism, nitrogen regulation, and plant vigor. Copper deficiency affects grain, seed, and fruit formation.

Benefits of Use:

  • Effectively treats copper deficiency symptoms
  • Provides quick crop response and can be applied just prior to actual crop need
  • Can be applied foliarly (according to label directions) without risk of phytotoxicity
  • Can be effectively tank-mixed with other organic crop inputs
  • Increases enzyme activity in the metabolism of plants
  • Has a regulatory effect when soil nitrogen is high
  • Has a role in the production of Vitamin A and functions in chlorophyll formation
  • May be used with sulfur to improve plant tolerance of environmental stresses

Deficiency Symptoms—When to Apply:

  • Young leaves become wilted, chlorotic, and twisted, followed by withering and dying
  • Plants show a half-dwarfing effect with an inward rolling of leaves that develop a blue-green appearance
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