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Carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology®, OMRI-Listed and CDFA Registered  Fertilgold® Mo is an organic molybdenum nutrient derived from sodium molybdate (Mo 5.0%, with 3.5% organic matter). Fertilgold® Mo ensures efficient and effective uptake of molybdenum, a micronutrient necessary in enzyme activities and particularly in nitrogen metabolism.

Benefits of Use:

  • Effectively treats molybdenum deficiency symptoms
  • Essential for nitrogen fixation
  • Is a co-enzyme necessary to transform nitrogen to amino acids for protein synthesis
  • Is essential for the functions of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • Provides quick crop response and can be applied just prior to actual crop need
  • Can be applied foliarly (according to label directions) without risk of phytotoxicity
  • Can be effectively tank-mixed with other organic crop inputs

Deficiency Symptoms-When to Apply:

  • Plant/soil is molybdenum deficient
  • In young plants, stunted growth and yellowish-green leaves
  • In older leaves, light green followed by yellowing and drying or shedding
  • Shoots short, thin; growth upright and spindly; flowering reduced
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