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Fertilgold Fertilgold Zn

Fertilgold Zn

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Carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology®, OMRI-Listed and CDFA (California Organic) Registered Fertilgold® Zn is an organic zinc nutrient derived from zinc sulfate (Zn 10.0%, with 4.0% organic matter). Fertilgold® Zn ensures maximum assimilation of zinc, which is essential for cell multiplication and plays an important role in water uptake, phytohormone activity, and the uptake of other nutrients. Zinc nutrition plays a central role in a number of plant defenses against environmental stresses.

Benefits of Use:

  • Effectively treats zinc deficiency symptoms
  • Provides quick crop response and can be applied just prior to actual crop need
  • Can be applied foliarly (according to label directions) without risk of phytotoxicity
  • Can be effectively tank-mixed with other organic crop inputs
  • Resists tie-up in the soil and remains available through the plant root system
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