Tainio Tainio Spectrum + MYCO Soil Inoculant

Tainio Spectrum + MYCO Soil Inoculant

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Designed with budget-conscious crops in mind, Spectrum + Myco combines all of the powerful plant supporting benefits of Spectrum and Mycorrhizal fungi in one convenient package.

What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?
The term Mycorrhizal — which literally means fungus (myco) root (rhyzo) — refers to the symbiotic relationship between certain fungi and plant roots. These fungi receive sugars from the plant, and in return, aid the plant in the uptake of water and nutrients in the soil.

The Mycorrhizal fungi form branch-like structures called hyphae, which extend the surface area of root hairs to provide greater access to resources available in the soil. Hyphae are smaller than root hairs, and therefore able to penetrate further into the soil to seek out minerals and moisture. When the resources in the immediate area are depleted, the hyphae simply extend further into the soil to find new supplies.

Mycorrhizal Fungi + Beneficial Bacteria
With the increased usable surface area provided to the plant by the Mycorrhizal fungi, the plant has greater access to the nutrients present in the soil; and by adding the Tainio blend of plant growth promoting microbes, those nutrients are broken down through enzymatic action, facilitating easier uptake by the mycorrhizal fungi. The soil bacteria also benefit from the enzymes secreted by the mycorrhizal fungi. A symbiotic relationship is formed wherein plant, mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria all benefit and flourish.

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