Trophic 5-10-0 Plus 10% Calcium

Sale price$1,275.00

Trophic 5-10-0 is a pelletized all-purpose fertilizer suitable for use in organic production. It is specifically formulated to enhance the Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels in all cropping systems. The optimized formula contains nutrient ratios that support plant uptake during key growth stages, where root and fruit development are critical. With high levels of bioavailable Calcium, Trophic 5-10-0 provides nutrients to soils for microbes and plant uptake.

Designed to prioritize long-term soil and plant health, Trophic 5-10-0 is blended with softwood biochar and wollastonite that promote soil microbial health, an aspect often neglected in fertilizers. This minimizes the uptake of unwanted elements or metals that are commonly present in other fertilizers, ensuring optimal plant growth. 

The combination of high bioavailability, ease of application, slow-release, buffering capacity, and efficiency positions Trophic 5-10-0 at the cutting edge of organic agriculture, providing exceptional value in today’s market.


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Size: 1 ton